Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jobs, Flowers, Glasses

Had an appointment with the Career Center at my university today.  They reassured me I was hitting the major points and gave me some tips, particularly as relates to finding work the next several months until I know where K's job will land.  

We have agreed that it makes more sense for him to look seriously first for few big reasons:
  1. I want to start my own business, and there are lots of different geographic locations I can accomplish this.
  2. He wants to work with video game engine design, robots, or the commercial space industry. There are only a few geographic locations he can accomplish this, but apparently they're on opposite ends of the country.
  3. Since he worked for four or five years straight out of high school, he's got a better chance of finding his dream job than I have of finding a dream job, and, for this and a few other reasons, his dream job will probably have better earning power, so it doesn't make sense for him to move for me.
So, we'll work it out one way or another.  Apparently, it's totally normal not to have a job for a couple months after graduation in any event, so I'm trying not to worry too much. (Not easy: I am a worrier.)

Flowers and Making Things at Home

Today, I noticed some wildflowers growing next to our driveway.  So, I picked a couple and put them in a vase.
White, purple, and yellow flowers in a vase with ferns.
Cost: about 15 minutes.
Not bad, I think.  When K got home, he and I attempted to make some homemade garlic mayonnaise, per here. K loved it, but the olive aftertaste seemed off to me, and I think we should probably buy better oil if we want to make a habit of homemade mayo.

I also remembered (finally!) to make sun tea.  One of my uncles keeps bees, so we have some homemade honey to put in it, and K had the brilliant idea to squeeze raspberries into it (over my skepticism).  I admit freely I was wrong; it is delicious with the raspberries.

Glasses Update

Empire Vision called yesterday about my glasses!  They were early, so I was impressed, even if they apparently have no idea how long glasses repair.  (On my initial visit, they said I'd wait an hour if I didn't leave my glasses.  When I showed up after the lens came in, they said I'd wait thirty minutes.  I actually waited for just under and hour and a half. I had my Kindle, so I didn't care too much.) I can see now, it's like magic.

It's strange how much wearing glasses becomes part of your identity. On one hand, my dependency on a piece of hardware makes me a little bit nervous, especially when I need to hire someone else to make it work properly.  On the other hand, if I got my eyes surgically fixed, I can't imagine a morning without reaching for my glasses first thing, often before I open my eyes.

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