Monday, June 11, 2012

Fried Router, Giant Moth

So, as soon as I said "I'm going to try to post the second part of this tomorrow", the Internet gods got really cranky at me and knocked out the internet in my parent's house by frying the router.  Go figure.  Since I was away for the weekend, it didn't get fixed until I got back.

I left for my weekend excursion without posting.  I had a great time in Vermont with a variety of friends from my co-ed social society.  Lots of socialization, a bonfire, and insufficient sleep-- I've spent the day napping in between job applications.
back view of a luna moth
Very big moth.
 We saw a giant moth.  I wasn't convinced it was real until I saw its tiny antennae.
side view of a luna moth
And then I had to examine it more closely.
So, anyway, expect the real post tomorrow, barring catastrophe.  Internet gods, please do not fry the router again.

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