Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinterest Made Me Make Cookies

I may need someone to ban me from Pinterest.

You see, when a friend persuaded me to join, I didn't think it could cause any harm.  What is the worst that could happen? I thought rhetorically. I pin a bunch of neat ideas and never follow up on them?

Apparently, the worst that can happen is that I find a neat idea and then and entire evening disappears as I experiment with it.

Here is what I did:
pictures of various stages of making marshmallow fondant. Picture One: unbaked cookie dough. Picture Two: partially-melted marshmallows. Picture Three: melted mixed marshmallows. Picture Four: marshmallows with icing sugar added. Picture Five: kneaded marshmallow-sugar concoction with fingerprints. Picture Six: cutouts of rolled-out marshmallow fondant. Picture Seven: baked cookies.  Picture Eight: greek symbols on cookies. Picture Nine: Leftover fondant wrapped in cling wrap.

The finished cookies looked like this:

Cookies decorated with mathematical and greek symbols, including phi, psi, sigma, pi, tau, h-bar, delta, zeta, an integral sign and an infinity sign.
Sideways, because I am lazy.
picture of cookies wrapped on an index card that reads "I love you". The cookies spell out M-O-M.
My mom was feeling unappreciated. I fixed it with cookies.
WARNING: I gained three pounds from eating these cookies.  (Whoops.)  Proceed with caution.

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