Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Quickly, Before it Evaporates

Since last I blogged, I gave birth.  My kid's 15 months old now.  I spent the last 4 months of pregnancy and the first 10 months of my daughter's life with no energy to do anything.

Then, I started playing rugby.  That was better, and once I'd started to do that I found do other things as well.

Today, I woke up at 5:45.  My dawn alarm clock keeps losing time, and I need to fix it.

Instead of rolling over, I got up and made muffins.  While they were in the oven, I dragged one of my boys out to the little green space two blocks from my house, for company, and ran sprints:  Google maps suggests each is 240 feet; I measure them in lightpoles (and of those, I ran six sets of two lightpoles). It isn't much, but I sweat.  I couldn't do it four months ago.

When I got back, my other boy had taken the muffins out of the oven.  (He had crawled back into bed.  He loves his sleep.)

a pan of blueberry muffins. two are missing from the pan.
Muffins. They have blueberries in.    
Tonight, I re-read The Phantom Tollbooth.  New books still seem too hard, like I'll risk too many emotions.  I take the little victories.

I've been ruled by fear for too long.  I can't say fear won't rule me again, but for now, there are muffins.

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