Thursday, July 5, 2012

Upcycled T-Shirt Coasters and Summer Heat

I've spent more time over the past week driving than I would like.  K and I had a wedding on Saturday, and this meant I needed to pick him up from his summer job (four hours away), bring him to the wedding (also four hours away), and back.  Strictly speaking, I could have asked him to take the bus, but this would have cost a lot of money and a lot of time.  Better, we decided, to save the money, drive and have a little more flexibility-- at the cost of a bit of aggravation on my part.

So, to contrast with the driving, I decided to do something fun: trying out a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  Here is what I did (in pictures, because travel tires me out).
red t-shirt
Step One: Identify old t-shirt.
ball of red t-shirt yarn
Step Two: Make t-shirt yarn.
crocheted red coaster
Step 3: Crochet coaster.
glass of ice water on crocheted red coaster
Step 4: Enjoy cold beverage.
In other news, the weather remains hot. It's almost like it's summer or something. I really wish I had someone who would go swimming with me (and, of course, a place to go swimming. State parks, maybe?).  After I hit a certain age, everyone who used to swim with me started courting melanoma laying out in the sun instead of actually spending time in the water and all the bathing suits commonly available for people my size stopped functioning as swimsuits and began functioning as teensy triangles of fabric that fall off if you try to move in them.  I fail to see the appeal of either of these new developments.

I guess growing up ruins summer all around.

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