Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I had an interview this morning.  "We have a lot of different sites," said the interviewer, "but we're looking for people for our New Jersey site at this time. Does that work for you?"

"That sounds fine." I replied.  "Will you move the people you hire after they complete the training period?"

"That's an option, but we don't like to force people to move."

I love the times when I can write a thank-you note more because I have something to say-- something I'm really, truly thankful for-- than because it is the Thing To Do.  Not that I'm not grateful-- I am-- but there are only so many ways to say "thank you for taking the time to interview me, and incidentally I'm pretty awesome".  So it's brilliant that I can tell this particular interviewer that he made me feel excited about his company and that I think a policy that lets people start a life directly after university is fantastic.

At three-thirty, I start the drive to Worchester, MA for another interview tomorrow.  When I tell people about it, they say: "That is a long drive."  It is, but I'm thrilled-- I get to play grown-up for a night, get to escape my university (however briefly).  Oh, the work will come with me, but I'll be in a hotel room and not in our second bedroom, scattered with textbooks and the memories of late nights.  I'm still young enough to find this novel.

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