Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Books for Children

Books!  I love books.  My mother is fond of telling the story of the time in third grade when the teacher asked us what we'd like to be when we grew up. Lots of doctors, astronauts, police, fire fighters.

I wanted to invent a book you could read in the bathtub*.

Today I found a list of a bunch of books to read to children under 10 via Offbeat Mom. It hits some notes I might not hit myself, which is neat, because I read tons and tons of books in my youth, and there are new books on there.  NEW BOOKS. I love new books**.

The comments add, among books, favorites like Susan Cooper (The Dark is Rising), Ms. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince, Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series, "My Father's Dragon", and Diana Wynne Jones.  Maybe not all of these for the before-ten set! But that probably depends on the child in question.  The Offbeat Mama post adds Tamora Pierce and Patricia Wrede's "Dealing with Dragons". I'd personally add Daniel Pinkwater and Diane Duane's "So You Want to Be A Wizard".

In conclusion, I can't wait to be in a semi-permanent home so I can begin the Scouring of the Used Book Stores for All the Books.  And then, I won't be able to wait until I have children, so I can read them All the Books.

On a related note, does anyone have any tips on how to dust books and bookshelves?
*Current solution: Kindle in a plastic Ziploc bag.
**Anyone have recommendations? I may be in a place where I can get a library card soon!

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